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Warehouse Workers

Our Story

Roney Innovations originated with selling items that the founders (Stephen and Ashley Roney) were private labeling. After months of learning through trial and error how to market and best sell their own products on Amazon, they made the decision to purchase their first liquidated pallets to resell.


They listed those first two pallets out of their garage in July of 2015. Since then the team has grown with support running across several continents, sites in multiple states and a 60,000 sf head quarters in Des Moines, Iowa.

Values that were true in the beginning are still at the core today:

1. Create great experiences

2. Communicate with clarity and grace

3. Do more with less

4. Bring your own batteries

How We Got Here

1. We partner with or purchase directly from retailers looking to liquidate overstock or shelf pull type merchandise.

2. We sort, list and label those items to the appropriate sales channels.

3. We maintain and monitor all of our selling accounts.

4. We sell off the loads that don't fit our criteria to process.

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